Turning Fantasy to Reality; How Custom Fantasy Rings Got Started

We had been trying for weeks.

Months even.

Nothing seemed to click. 

 What Jared and I were trying to do was create a business. As students at San Diego State University at the time, we had grand plans that one day we would be partners in a successful business that fulfilled our wildest dreams. We thought of everything, from emojis of your actual face (which exists already), to an app that could read your girlfriends emotions (not possible). 

And that’s when the fantasy season started.

The Birth of an Idea

I can remember the moment as if it was yesterday. 

Jared and I were sitting, contemplating ideas; which at this point had become a usual pastime of ours. We were trudging through the muck of our collective brains when Jared started talking about the current fantasy football season.

Somewhere in the middle of talking about projections, who we should start, and different strategies for the season, the subject of our league trophy came up. As with many fantasy football leagues across the country, The Justice League (original don’t you think?) borrowed many elements of a certain TV show when designing the rules and structure of our own league.

So it’s only natural that we had a trophy named “The Goof”. It was shoddily crafted in our garage, spray painted gold, and had served as our league trophy for two years. 

The only problem? No one really WANTED it. 

They wanted what the trophy represented, sure. They wanted the handsome wad of cash, definitely. But the trophy? After draft weekend, when we presented it to the previous winner, the trophy basically collected dust in a back room of it’s winner. Or worse, a garage. 

Jared and I were talking about all of this when he came up with an idea; “What if we got a ring?”

Positive Projections

Having thought of an idea, we took our natural next step which was researching our competition. Were there already people making fantasy football championship rings?

The answer was yes.

Could we make better ones? The answer again, was YES! 

We quickly found a number of companies making fantasy football championship rings. But here’s the thing, they lacked a certain...Crawfordness. (10% off if you message us with the source of that reference). 

What I mean by that is, they weren’t sexy. They were generic, dollar store looking rings that frankly, we wouldn’t be super proud to wear. The main thing about the rings we found though? They weren’t customized. 

Actual Super Bowl championship rings are so great because of the details. The details of the championship game that WON the ring for any given player, and details specific to that player. Nowhere to be found.

And so we got to work. 

We realized it was possible to create a customized ring, while still being able to serve the huge market that fantasy football has become. The best part? We could do it for a price that still enables most league champions to pocket a lot of cash. For 10 person leagues, a Hall of Fame ring is $15/player, which is (usually) much less than league entry fees. 

So, we spent lots of sleepless nights and busy weekends to bring you what you see now; Customized Fantasy Football Championship Rings.

So thank you for following us, interacting with us, and hopefully, sporting one of our customized rings.

If you have any questions, I'm usually available via the chat widget on our site, and you can always email us at info@customfantasyrings.com. 

Co-Founder of CustomFantasyRings - Ben

Benjamin, Co-Founder