How It Works - Customizing Your Fantasy Championship Ring

Choose Customization

Rings are separated into three levels based on the amount of customization. Rookie rings are generic, while Veteran and Hall of Fame Rings offer increasing customization options.


Square shape and clear stone with no extra customizations. This ring is perfect for beginner leagues.


Choose shape, color, and season record. You can also specify the year.


Choose shape, color, name, number, season record, engraving, and year. 


Choose from Circle, Square, or Oval. These shapes are based off of real Super Bowl championship rings.


The side of your ring can feature your name (or anything else you want) up to 10 characters in length. You can also have a number (0-99) underneath your name.


Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold, Clear, Pink, and Orange, 

Season Record

Include your season record on the side panel of your customized ring. It's the season that won you your championship after all!

(PS. Add  a special note saying "infinity and 0" to your order for this special season record design)


Include up to 50 characters of engraved messaging on the inside of your ring. It's the cherry on top to a ring that is already above and beyond.


Custom Fantasy Rings creates customized fantasy football championship rings for fantasy league champions who know how to memorialize life's biggest victories. When luck strikes,...will you find gold?