10 Ways to Make The Most of Your Fantasy Football League

When it's done right, (looking at you commissioner!), the fantasy football experience is one that is cherished as the pre-season nears, and solemnly dismissed as one heads into the offseason. Take these 10 simple steps to ensure that your fantasy football league is up to snuff and you and your buddies have an amazing time, regardless of the outcome.

1. Set Your Rules

Before every season, it's a good idea to have a league vote, (or not if you run a commish dictatorship), to set the rules for the upcoming season. Were there things people wanted changed last season? Implementing a keeper league? Whatever it is, set the rules early, and come back yearly to review and tweak as needed.

Set up your fantasy football season rules through your app's interface

2. Make sure everyone attends the draft

We get it, sometimes life happens and coming to an event can be difficult. That's why, in our league, we set the date of the next years draft at the one we're currently having. Everyone has a year to make the necessary arrangements to attend. It's just more fun when everyone is physically there. People who can't make it automatically get the last pick.

3. Draft order competitions

Every year we determine our league's draft order through competitions, ranging from an NFL-style combine to fishing for crawdads with bacon. It's a fun way to determine order, and it makes the draft day that much more fun. It's a competition after all, why not prove you can beat your friends at random things before beating them in fantasy?

4. The Group Chat

It can be an iMessage thread, the chatroom on your fantasy platform, it doesn't matter. All that matters is the constant trash talking. There's days when our message count reaches the thousands. For some of us in different states, it's the only time other than the draft that we can talk, so open those lines of communication!

5. Special Terms

Every fantasy group seems to have it's own lingo.

NFL.com posted an NFL Fantasy Football Glossary, but we've definitely added our own words to the mix over the years. 

Every Fantasy Football League Uses Words You Can't Find In The Dictionary,...But here's one anyway

6. Sidebets

Some fantasy weeks are dull. There's no two ways about it. But they don't have to be. Sometimes otherwise meaningless weeks of games can turn into personal battles against your friends. A common bet we make is to change the name of your opponents team for the next 2 weeks. 

Sidebetting in Fantasy Football

7. Weekly roundup

This falls on the commissioner solely, but it's a great idea to send out a sort of newsletter every week to your league. It serves as a recap of the previous week, the official start of the next one, and really, just keeps consistency throughout the fantasy season. Make it your own. 

8. The Ultimate Fantasy Loser 

Every season, every fantasy football league has a loser. Want to make all but one member of your league incredibly happy? Punish them. We carry out our Socha Punishments ,("The Socha" is the term for our loser), every draft weekend and they've ranged from getting spray tans to housing the worlds ugliest trophy. Which brings us to our next tip...

This guy is sad because he lost Fantasy Football and now he is reflecting on his poor life choices

9. The Fantasy Championship Ring

Cash is great, obviously. And we don't suggest taking that away! BUT! With a small portion of each member's entrance fee, you could buy a Championship ring or trophy for the winner to keep forever. It's a great way to keep the legacy of your league going forever. If you don't know where to find the best rings on the market, just keep scrolling down.

10. The Ring Ceremony

After the loser's punishments, it's only fair to start the fantasy draft activities with the ring ceremony honoring last years' fantasy champion. It's hokey yes and a bit lame to some, but when you win it all, it's a detail that will make it all the more special.

Custom Championship Rings

Hall of Fame

Customize the shape, color, and year of your ring. You can also include your name, number, season record, and a custom engraving on the inside.


L Choose your shape, the stone color, the year, and your season record on this one-of-a-kind customized fantasy football championship ring.