10 Lessons Learned from Fantasy Football

Love it or hate it, fantasy football plays a large role in your life; one that grows as summer ends, and won't relent until a champion is crowned. As with anything you do that takes up a lot of your time, fantasy football provides an opportunity to learn a lot about yourself. But it can also teach you about friendship, leadership, and the voyage of the Mayflower. (Alright not that last one, but I needed another ship). I have been playing now for only four seasons, but already I've learned enough to (hopefully) take advantage and boost myself to fantasy glory and win the championship. Here's 10 lessons fantasy football has taught me:

1. Stick to the plan

Someone cue Big Sean!

But really, think about it, how many times in fantasy have you felt extremely confident in the preseason, only to have everything go to sh*t midway through the season? Now obviously, if you have a bad plan to start with, there's a point in the season where you SHOULD ditch your plan. Just don't do it too soon. Fantasy is largely based on....*GASP*...LUCK! Don't ditch a good plan cuz you've gotten unlucky.

2. People give extra value to things they own

I hear it every year; "He's a number 1 option on his team and averages X and X, there's no way I'm trading him for ____________."

This makes trading aggravating and difficult, yes, but you can also leverage this to your advantage once you realize that literally EVERYONE does it.  

If you want to get better at trading, read this article.

3. Taking advantage of luck is more important than luck

Eventually in fantasy football, you'll be extremely lucky. Spoiler alert: you'll also be extremely unlucky. The key here is to set yourself up, so that when good luck strikes, you're ready to take full advantage! Don't give up on a season after starting 0-6. Luck may hit and you could finish the season undefeated. But not if you decided to fire sale your whole team out of spite for losing.

4. The best of friends treat each other the worst

I don't know about you, but I will only tell you to "F*ck Off" if you're in my inner circle. 

And I say it with love every single time.

5. Don't. Trust. Anyone.

Because their star running back that they're trading you for your bench wide receiver is definitely not injured...

6. Everyday players have MVP games

You won't be able to predict them. They'll happen when you least expect them in fact. But they happen, so think twice before automatically casting doubts on your bench players.

7. Sometimes life sucks

The best drafts are seemingly always the most prone to injury, proving that sometimes, shit just doesn't go your way Homie O' Donnell. 

8. Listen to your gut 

Because you don't wanna be the guy saying "I knew I should have..." all season long. If you know it then do it!

Don't put too much reliance on "expert" opinions either, for that matter. They're regular guys just like you who aren't psychics.

9. Play the odds.

Just as in life, in fantasy football, things tend to even out. You'll get "lucky" just as much as you get "unlucky". 

10. Only winners get rings

Or at least,...that's how it should be, (guess our stance on participation trophies). The great thing about fantasy is that, let's face it, there's only so much influence you have. That doesn't sound great, but eventually, everyone will have a chance at glory. Unless you're this guy in our league named Daniel; who stinks at fantasy.

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